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Hi, and welcome to Alli Round the World, my little piece of the internet.


I’m Allison Carone, a college student in Hawaii by day and world traveler by daydream. 2 years ago on a whim, I signed up last minute to study abroad in Spain and abruptly got bit by the travel bug. I love traveling because it makes me the best version of myself; it brings out a new, independent, badass chick inside of me that loves to challenge herself, expand her perceptions of the world, and appreciate the beauty in all walks of life. My semester abroad finished and I returned home, but I've been packin' light and traveling far ever since.


2 years and 60 countries later, I started this blog as a way to both update my friends and family of my experiences abroad and to hopefully inspire other adventurous souls to make the leap and get out of their comfort zones. I travel on my own and would feel so content if my blog inspired even a single person to go out there and travel by themselves, especially women. Above all, I aim to use this blog to hopefully be an example to others that you don’t have to be made of money or even have impressive degrees/careers under your belt to travel the world, just a bit of courage and a good attitude!


Adventure awaits!


xoxo Allison