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  • Allison Carone

Best Places to Visit in Amman in 2 Days

Amman, Jordan's bustling capital city, is where old meets new. With so many incredible sights in Jordan, people tend to overlook the capital city, or transit through to their next destination rather quickly. I stayed a few days and ended up enjoying it the most out of my other stops in the country. Here's my travel advice to the modern city with roots.

Sitting on top of the Citadel overlooking Amman city

How to get there: Amman is serviced by a large international airport with direct flights from many other Middle Eastern countries, plus farther abroad like the United States and Europe. In fact, EasyJet just started a nonstop flight from the UK to Amman for you budget travelers! For Americans, and I believe for EU citizens - you can receive a visa on arrival for 40 JD (about $56). There's also other land-border crossings with Israel by means of bus.

Where to stay: The heart of downtown Amman, with tons of things to do and see, is where you should stay during your visit. There are lots of budget accommodations available - I stayed at Sydney Backpackers for $7 a night and had a wonderful experience. Anywhere near Rainbow Road and/or Al Balad street are gonna be the best areas to base yourself.

What to do: Travel back in time at the Amman Citadel. Sitting high on top of the city, these ancient ruins are considered to be among the world's oldest continuously inhabited places, with evidence of occupation dating back to the Neolithic Period! There are remains on the site from Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad periods of occupation. After the 3 JD entrance fee ($4.25), you'll have access to the massive complex. I spent a couple hours up here, closing my eyes and imagining what it must have been like several centuries ago. Though the historical attributes make this sight my #1 to do in Amman, there's also the added perk of the VIEWS from the top. You will see 360 degree views of Amman city, which is one of the coolest-looking cities I've seen ever from above. Everything coordinates; the entire city is white and/or lightly toned colors, and all of the buildings are similarly shaped. It makes for an incredible view!

Remains of a mosque

There's loads of other stuff to do in Amman as well. Check out Rainbow Street, a bustling city with tourists and locals alike that is packed with delicious restaurants and unique shops. If you're want to see more ruins, check out the Roman Theater which dates back to the 2nd century when Amman was named "Philadelphia." Finally, the King Abdullah I Mosque must not be missed. It's a gorgeous blue-domed mosque that is open to the public including non-Muslims, where you can learn about Islamic history and spirituality.

Other tips: Traveling solo as a female in Amman? I had absolutely 0 problems doing just that, and was met with kindness and compassion from every local that I happened upon. Do, however, dress conservatively - a good rule of thumb is to wear something at least covering the shoulders/upper arms and the knees. My advice for you ladies would be maxi dresses with a light jacket, it keeps things cool in the hot Middle Eastern sun! As far as expenses needed, Amman is pretty cheap. You can easily eat a full meal + drinks for less than $5 if you're smart about where you eat. For taxis, you should never spend more than 3 JD driving within downtown sights.

Go out and see for yourself why Amman is so Amma-zing!