• Allison Carone

How to Stay Kinda Fit While Abroad

Alright, I'm definitely no expert in this arena but I want to speak a bit about how I *try* to stay healthy while on the road! I'm a firm believer in taking full advantage of everything a country has to offer, so if that means eating gelato everyday while in Italy or indulging in cheese for every snack in Switzerland... by all means, I will go for it! At the same time, if you're traveling long term I hope these tips can help you stay fit while abroad.

1. Explore locations by running

Going for a run can be a healthy and fun way to explore and get your bearings with a new city. What works for me is googling "running routes in x city" or "where to run in x" and usually there are tons of resources on big parks, pretty rivers, or wide-open streets that are ideal for running. Asking your accommodation is also super helpful - usually they are locals that have lived there for years and know the best spots to stretch your legs and go for a jog.

Running through the Swiss Alps!

2. Eat Mindfully

Alright to be honest I follow this one very loosely while abroad. I like to get the full cultural experience while traveling and eat the very best food from each country (aka an excuse to just indulge on hearty meals and yummy treats). But there are ways to choose healthier options if you're into that, like allowing yourself a treat or unhealthy meal only sparingly and sticking to healthier staples like salad, sandwiches, wraps, or fruits and veggies that are available nearly everywhere. You know, self control and all of that...

 Exhibit A of what you shouldn't (or should?) eat everyday while abroad

3. Skip public transportation - WALK

This is a money saver and a healthier option, two birds with one stone. Resist buying a metro or bus pass or taking taxis and try to walk your way through a whole city! Obviously this isn't feasible in massive cities like London or Paris, but in other smaller places it's a great way to walk off all the awesome food you should obviously stuff your face with while abroad. Most of the time it's so easy to get caught up with the charm and excitement of a new city that you don't even realize how much you've really walked!

4. Hiking and other outdoor activities

Hiking is a fantastic way to stay fit while also enjoying sweet views. Some cities have a nearby mountain or hill that can be easily accessed, are relatively pleasant, and offer a real treat at the top. Many cities around the world also offer daily bike rentals that boast a different and exciting way to discover new places. Don't forget about other activities like surfing, paddle boarding, or kayaking that could be great options if you are near water!

Beautiful hike in Rila, Bulgaria

5. If all else fails, find a local gym

Sometimes you're in a place where it seems impossible to get in some decent activity. Usually in these cities I accept defeat and veg out, but if you're really adamant there are often local gyms available that let tourists purchase day or week long passes that don't break the bank. I did this in Albania, $15 for a weeklong pass. I only ended up going once though... yikes.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay fit on your next trip abroad!

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